It's time to introduce our second co-founder, Bendik Bergh! 😎 Bendik is a key figure in Cure and has held various project management positions in a diversity of industries since the agency started in 2016; technology, mobility, energy, culture, TV, public administration, and more. He has been strategically involved in the design of a number of brand and digital strategies for these businesses, which have quickly achieved success and recognition in the market. We asked Bendik some questions, and here are his answers! 👇 💬 What are you working on right now? 🗣️ I am currently working on several exciting projects! Everything from smaller local heroes to national and global corporations. 💬 Which project/customer are you proud of? 🗣️ All of them! But if I have to highlight one, it would be NordicNeuroLab. Sitting together with the HQ in Bergen, getting to know the company well and being included in the culture has been rewarding! They are solving important challenges in over 70(!) countries, and we are proud to be a part of that! 💬 Which project or customer do you dream of working with in the future? 🗣️ I love working with people and companies that are passionate about what they do. Creating cool brands that help these companies appear professional, credible, and communicate to the right target group is truly engaging! So the answer here is really companies that just love what they do. Otherwise, it would be cool to work with a watch brand — it's an industry we haven't touched before. Bendik complements the Cure team and often sees great ideas in details others overlook. He is thorough, yet efficient in his work. If you have any questions for Bendik, fire away in the comment section! 😁

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