Meet Ruben Ulfstein | Our very own self-taught wizard 🪄 Ruben works as a motion designer and is soon celebrating his 1-year anniversary with us 🥳 He is our second native of Sunnmøre in the office and hails from Ulsteinvik. We are incredibly fortunate to have Ruben on our team; he is a master at making ideas come to life ✨ We asked Ruben a few questions so you can get to know him better: 💬 What are you currently working on? 🗣️ Website animation for Cure - Queenslab. 💬 Which project or client do you dream of working with in the future? 🗣️ None specific. Most projects have something exciting about them; I look forward to new and exciting projects that allow for creative expression. 💬 Which project/client are you proud of? 🗣️ It's hard to decide on one; many of the projects always have something cool about them, but If I had to choose one, it would be Born Digital. 💬 What energizes you at work? / What makes for a good day at work? 🗣️ Positive feedback always gets me going. On a more personal level, it's when the pieces fall into place and you see the path to the goal. Then the rest of the job is just "lock in and execute." 💬 Which proverb describes you best? 🗣️ Easily inspired. 💬 What inspires you? 🗣️ I feel like I can find inspiration in almost anything: music, nature, animals, design, and conversations with colleagues. 💬 There are 25 hours in a day. How do you choose to spend the extra hour? 🗣️ With less excuse not to fit in daily activity, I'd probably push a bit harder on training, haha. I'd spend the rest socializing with my partner/friends, and I rarely say no to gaming with the guys. 💬 What do you do to stay updated in your field? 🗣️ YouTube tutorials are my best friend! 💬 What do you like most about working at Cure? 🗣️ A very inclusive and forthcoming group! I think most people here feel valued, at least I do. 💬 What's your favorite tool? 🗣️ After Effects. My personal trick is to stare into space until the problem magically solves itself in my head. Or I listen to music to relax and get some inspiration. Rubens unique ability to breathe creativity and innovation into our projects is invaluable.

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